Instructions for Viewing the Wiring Diagrams


The diagrams are in 2 formats. A .gif file for a normal view and a .zip file that contains a

Photoshop image for those of you who have a photo program such as Adobe Photoshop or

Adobe Photoshop Elements or other photo editing program capable of showing layers.

You must first download the .zip file to your computer and then unzip it. Then open it

with your photo editing program. When the .psd file is opened in your photo program, each

individual layer can be turned on or off. Each wiring circuit is placed on a separate layer

in its correct color. All the other layers are 'greyed out' allowing you to view the circuit

that you are working on. Additional diagrams will be added when they are available.

1. Right click on the .zip file.

2. Save the .zip file to your computer.

3. 'Unzip the file'

4. Save the unzipped file to your computer.

5. Open the file with your photo editing program.

61-62 Wiring


Layered Images
Non-Layered Images
61-62 Wiring Diagram.gif



58-60 Wiring Diagram.gif


58-60 Wiring