Things I Like About My Corvette

1. It's a 400HP economy car that gets 30MPG (if you keep your foot out of it).

2. Even though it's a 10 year old used car, people still think it's cool.

3. You get waves from people you don't know.

4. Kids stick their heads out of the window and yell "Look mommy, a Corvette!"

5. It's comfortable on long drives & fun to drive.

6. My golf clubs fit in the back.

7. A ficus tree will not fit in the back.

8. Boxes do not get stacked on it when it's parked in the garage.

9. It stays clean under the hood.

10. You're always learning something about it that you didn't know.

11. Automotive design engineers are not necessarily looking out for your 'peace of mind'.

12. I get to associate with a great bunch of people with the Corvette Club.