What? Why do people say "You know what I'm say'n?" when I don't. Know what I'm say'n?

Pet Peeves & Other Not So Interesting Things
Here's your chance to sound off, tell the world what you think, let everybody know what you think about something, and just generally speak your mind. (Within reason - no religion, politics, personal attacks, etc.) Just interesting comments, observations, & things that make you go "hmmmm". The entries WILL have to be approved by the webmaster before posting, so you know you have to keep it clean! Submit your contributions by email to ref772@yahoo.com. Put 'Peeves' in the subject line. Let's have some fun with this.

Our Tax Dollars at Work. I was driving down Bosque one day and saw a City of Waco crew painting stripes at an intersection.There were 12 workers. Two were painting and 10 were watching.

You Cannot Count! Why is it that when you are in a hurry and get in the 'Express Lane 10 Items or Less', there is someone with a basketfull of grocerys in line in front of you. (While your ice cream is melting and dripping on your foot!)
My New Accent. Newscasters can report the news with a perfect generic American accent until they get to a foreign name or city. And then they suddenly develop an accent which is usually way overdone, then they revert back to their normal nondescript accent.
It's in there. Why is some packaging more elaborate than the item inside?
Is It Full? Why do the makers of vitamins put 100 vitamins in a bottle that could hold 1000? The same goes for cereal. My box of Cheerios is 10" tall but only has 6" or less of the little 'O's in it.
8=10 Hot dogs come in packages of 10, but hot dog buns are 8 to a package.
Big Feet! Don't you hate it when you're standing in line and some guy behind you keeps pushing you when there's no place to go. (Doc)